What our patients have to say...

Our son has been seeing Dr. Kathryn since he was 1 month old. Initially we brought him in for digestive pains which improved drastically. He now comes for maintenance and occasional ear pain. Dr. Kathryn is very gentle and patient with our little one. He always feels comfortable when in her care and loves visiting! I highly recommend Dr. Kathryn! She is very knowledgeable and wonderful with babies and kids!

Kelsey C

I have been seeing Dr. Kathryn for many years for several reasons. Anywhere from neck pain, headaches, wrist pain, and back pain. She always listens to my concerns and I leave feeling refreshed and more able bodied. My headaches were my biggest complaint and they no longer plague me like they used to. I also had wonderful care during my pregnancy when visiting with Dr. Kathryn. Highly recommend!

Kelsey C

"I began seeing Dr. Kathryn for prenatal care after reading that recipients of regular chiropractic have shorter labors and deliveries and less medial interventions during delivery. Dr. Kathryn was attentive to the ever-changing body of an expectant mother. She was able to help me stay comfortable throughout the duration of my pregnancy. I'm happy to report that for my first pregnancy, my labor was less than 8 hours and I was able to have a delivery that was uncomplicated by medical interventions or medications! I've continued with chiropractic care for myself, as well as for my son because I appreciate how Dr. Kathryn addresses each issue with care and concern at every visit. Being a certified massage therapist myself, it is also comforting to know that I can refer my clients to someone with such a high level of knowledge, skill and compassion."

Heidi M