See what our patient's have to say

Dr. Kathryn is awesome; I had a shoulder impingement for 3 years.  I saw other sports chiropractors and they could not fix the problem, over a year of male chiropractors!  Well after being referred [to Dr. Kathryn] by other friends, I was a little leery [because she is a female chiropractor], but I overcame that and trusted her.  Well the first couple of visits I started to notice a difference in my shoulder movement.  And now after 7-8 visits I would say it is 100% free.  I am so pleased with her treatment; my weight training has gotten to 100% also.  I would give a recommendation to my friends and anyone else.  I make once a month wellness appointments with her!  I am so grateful of her knowledge. 

--Richard Schell,  patient at Great River Chiropractic

"I began seeing Dr. Kathryn for prenatal care after reading that recipients of regular chiropractic have shorter labors and deliveries and less medial interventions during delivery.  Dr. Kathryn was attentive to the ever-changing body of an expectant mother.  She was able to help me stay comfortable throughout the duration of my pregnancy.  I'm happy to report that for my first pregnancy, my labor was less than 8 hours and I was able to have a delivery that was uncomplicated by medical interventions or medications!
I've continued with chiropractic care for myself, as well as for my son because I appreciate how Dr. Kathryn addresses each issue with care and concern at every visit.  Being a certified massage therapist myself, it is also comforting to know that I can refer my clients to someone with such a high level of knowledge, skill and compassion."

--Heidi M., patient at Great River Chiropractic

"When I came to Dr. Kathryn for my back issues I had been in constant intense pain for 3 weeks with absolutely no relief.  It disturbed by sleeping to the point where I was getting 4 hours of non-restful sleep.  I was at my wit's end.    After 4 adjustments I felt relief all day and minor pain that I could sleep through the night.  Dr. Kathryn is amazing and Winona residents are very lucky to have such a knowledgeable and capable chiropractor in town.  I will be coming back to her in the future for all my back issues for as long as I am living in the area."

--T.M., patient at Great River Chiropractic

"When I first came in to see Dr. Kathryn I could barely sit for longer than a few minutes without extreme pain in my lower back.  After a few visits the pain from my tailbone got a lot better and after several visits it was back to normal.  I would recommend anyone experiencing any back pain to come and see Dr. Kathryn if it isn't going away on its own, your back is important and needs proper care just like anything else!"

--Sarinna, patient at Great River Chiropractic

"It's been a few months since my adjustment with Dr. Kathryn and my back still feels great.  I have seen another chiropractor in the past and had mixed results, but Dr. Kathryn had a different approach to my care that has given me great results.  Thank you Dr. Kathryn!"

--Jessica, patient at Great River Chiropractic

"I have had some shoulder pain on and off for about a year.  Recently, it became very painful and was hard for me to do my day to day things.  I couldn't play catch with my kids or even brush my hair without pain.  I came to Great River Chiropractic and Dr. Strangstalien worked with me.  Since then, I have been pain free and able to do anything without worry.  It has changed my world and made me feel amazing."

--A.B. patient at Great River Chiropractic

"Dr. Kathryn immediately put me at ease.  She never said I would have to come back week after week or month after month.  The decision for the treatments rested solely on me.  I found out during that first session that my spine had a sideways curve to it.  Dr. Kathryn also found the spot on my lower back that bothered me.  She pressed gently on that spot, and I almost went through the ceiling.  She made some adjustments that day and told me to ice the area to reduce swelling. 
By the end of May, my lower back didn't bother me like it did before I started seeing Dr. Kathryn.  When she pressed on that spot, there was no pain.  I was totally amazed.
If you have back (or neck or shoulder) pain, consider seeing Dr. Kathryn at Great River Chiropractic.  I will recommend her to anyone experiencing back or neck pain."

--L.D., patient at Great River Chiropractic

"I would like to say that chiropractic relieves a lot of pain and suffering that I have.  Dr. Kathryn helps me relax some of my muscles and helps with pain that I'm having." 

--James B., patient at Great River Chiropractic

"I came in to see Kathryn because of pain in the shoulder and neck area.  I had a co worker tell me about her experience with Great River (Chiropractic) and decided to try chiropractic.  I had people tell me that surgery would be the end result because chiropractic didn't work for them.  I am pain free and very pleased with the care I received at Great River (Chiropractic)."

--J. Hundorf, patient at Great River Chiropractic

"I had a week of pain where my neck could not move.  After my first appointment it made a big difference.  This was my first experience and would give this advice to anyone with neck and back pain."

--Joe, patient at Great River Chiropractic

"Dr. Kathryn has really helped me a lot.  I had some numbness in my leg and it really affected how I walked.  In just a few short visits, Dr. Kathryn was able to fix me up and now the numbness is completely gone and I'm now able to get back to life without having to fight with a numb leg.  I would highly recommend Great River Chiropractic to anyone!  Thank you Dr. Kathryn!"

--Anonymous patient at Great River Chiropractic

"I had shoulder pain and little range of motion due to a fall on the ice.  Chiropractic care has improved how I feel on a daily basis and ease of movement in my shoulder.  Now I have full range of motion and pain is little to none.  I would say chiropractic can treat a lot more areas than the back to help you feel better.  This is my first time using a chiropractor to treat anything.  I highly recommend Dr. Strangstalien be consulted for any discomfort.  I believe she can help in a lot of ways to make you feel better and live a more productive life."

--Ken B., patient at Great River Chiropractic

"I recommend to family and friends to at least try this chiropractic office and see if Dr. Kathryn has helped you like she has helped me.  I am so glad my son in law has recommended this office to me, as she has really helped him (too).  I see no reason why I would ever change (Chiropractors) again.  It certainly doesn't hurt to try her and see if she helped you like she helped me."

--Terri, patient at Great River Chiropractic

"I hurt my hip when putting a wood floor in our house.  It was very painful and hard to walk.  Dr. Kathryn pumped fluid out of my hip on the first visit so it wasn't as painful.  I rested it, iced it and had two more adjustments and the pain went away and never came back.  It's nice to be able to sleep better, walk without pain, and do whatever you want when you're 57 years old.  If you have a problem give Chiropractic a try.  You may be surprised how much it helps." 

--Ron, patient at Great River Chiropractic

"I originally came to see Dr. Kathryn with long term neck pain and chronic headaches.  She was very patient, professional and took her time explaining the circumstances around my condition and what our course of action was going to be.  Even after the first few sessions it was apparent that the corrections were working specifically on the headaches.  Over the following weeks we continued making adjustments and my neck pain was gone and the headaches were almost entirely eliminated.

I honestly had never thought of Chiropractic care as a long term solution to the problems I was having.  I also had the misconception that Chiropractic was expensive and time consuming.   I would highly recommend using Great River Chiropractic for any of your Chiropractic needs." 

--Nick, patient at Great River Chiropractic

"In the past I had such a severe case of sciatica that when I was driving for more than a half hour I had to get out and walk around the car to stretch.  I never wanted to go through that again, so when I'd start getting back pain I'd take it easy or take a week off exercise.  This time when I started feeling the low back pain I decided to give Chiropractic a try--I didn't have to change my exercise habits and my back got better." 

--Jane S, patient at Great River Chiropractic

"My main concern was that I wasn't going to be able to use my arms in the future because of pain in my shoulders.  I would say to a friend or a family member to go to the chiropractor and get some help, because now I can lift things and raise my arms above my head.  I also sleep better, don't have pain in my neck, and don't have dizziness.  I was pleased with Great River Chiropractic because of the friendship of the staff, and the concern (they show) about one's health." 

--Bill, patient at Great River Chiropractic