Our Mission
"Our mission at Great River Chiropractic is to help families get healthy and stay healthy naturally through chiropractic care.  We strive to help families reach and maintain their highest potential for health so they can live life to the fullest."

Why Choose Great River Chiropractic?

Personalized Care
We take time to listen to your concerns and your goals for chiropractic care.  We always welcome our patients to voice their questions and concerns at each office visit, so that they can actively participate in their care. 

Specific Care
We use specific techniques and analysis that get to the cause of the problem so you can get lasting results.

Friendly Care
We strive to maintain an inviting and friendly atmosphere in our clinic, so that you feel welcome and cared for.

Convenient Appointments
 We offer convenient appointment times to fit into your busy schedule. 

Who We Serve
We are a family chiropractic practice.  Dr. Strangstalien has experience working with all ages. We serve infants, children, adolescents, athletes, women, pregnant women, men, and seniors.  We speak Spanish (Se habla español). 

Office Tours and Consultations
At Great River Chiropractic, we offer complimentary office tours and consultations.  This is a chance for you to come and see the clinic, meet the doctor, and ask any questions you may have.  We will talk to you about your problem and see if chiropractic care could benefit you. 

Our Services
Chiropractic adjustments
Chiropractic wellness care
Digital x-rays-full spine
Supportive exercises and stretches
Pregnancy chiropractic
Pediatric chiropractic

Webster technique certified

We provide assistance with processing insurance.  Our clinic is participating with most major insurance networks.  If you are wondering if we are in network with your insurance, give us a call.

Cash Fees
We offer affordable rates for those who do not have insurance, or choose not to use insurance.  If you are wondering specifically what our fees are, give us a call.

What to Expect on Your First Visit
The initial visit is aimed at finding the cause of the problem so we can find a solution that will get you results. A thorough history will be taken of your complaint, followed by a spinal evaluation, orthopedic, and neurological testing.  X-rays will be taken if needed.  Then the doctor will take the time to analyze all of the information gathered to come up with a plan of care.

Report of Findings
The doctor will provide you with in depth information regarding your condition and a recommended plan of care.  We feel that education allows people to make the best choices about their care. 

Notice of Privacy Practices
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Massage Therapy
Functional Nutrition Therapy